Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ten SImple Things

As directed by SAM, here are my ten simple things that make me happy right now:

1. Seed packets and plans for our huge garden this summer.
2. That I entered the NPR Three-Minute Fiction contest, even though I have no expectation whatsoever of winning.
3.Time after the kids go to bed. (When I manage to stay awake.)
4. Beach house hunting for our family's vacation.
5. Weekend breakfasts.
6. That it's almost time for Spring Break and after that just 8 more weeks of school. More or less.
7. Watching BD scheme ways to get finches to hang out in the courtyard of our house.
8. Somerset's dance moves, particularly the tiny robot.
9. The way Genevieve calls out "I love you So Much Mommy!" as she runs by playing.
10. That I've written about two chapters of a YA novel. Maybe. Sort of.

1 comment:

Angie McCullagh said...

I entered the npr thing too. Wouldn't have known about it if it weren't for you, so thanks! It was fun. And yay on the YA chapters. I'd love to read them some time.