Saturday, February 20, 2010

Overheard in the minivan

Actual conversation BD and I had on the way to the bookstore today. And I use the term "conversation" loosely.

Me: What is that guy's license plate supposed to say? (It said "FLTRPMP")
BD: Filter pump.
Me: Really? Filter pump?
BD: Filter pump.
Me: Why would someone want their license plate to say "filter pump?"
BD: He makes filter pumps.
Me: Well I think it says "Floater Pimp."
BD: Yeah, that's what it says.


Rita said...

I like Floater Pimp better. I hate vanity plates.

Stephanie said...


mobetter said...

couldn't it just have been random? my last plate had "LSD" on it and i did not request it. i loved it, though, and was sad when i had to give it up.