Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hey look, I have a blog!

I know, I know, I never post, and yet it's boring for me to talk about how I never post. So I won't.

What has been going on with me? (I always want to steal Stacey's "Updatey Like" phrase.) Maybe a list is in order:

1. I'm teaching Othello right now. Yesterday we had a pep rally in the middle of the day (because that's how we roll, apparently), so I was ready to blow off class for the day, and one of my weakest students honest-to-goodness begged me to let them read the play. I am not lying. They got on the board and assigned parts and read them reader's theater style the way we have been. It was great. They hate Iago with a fiery passion.

2. Genevieve is crawling. And by crawling, I mean she scoots around on her butt in a semi-upright position with her left leg held static in the lotus position while she uses her right foot kick-n-go style to propel her into every corner of the house. It is so cute it makes my heart hurt.

3. Joshua read me half a book the other day. Ah Joshua, my middlest middle child. About 90% of my maternal guilt centers on Joshua. Why is that? I had a realization yesterday that I have less physical contact with him than any of the other three, even Calvin (who is nine but still will try to fit his whole self into my lap given the slightest opportunity). So I am making a conscious effort to hug and kiss on him more. He just doesn't seek it out like his siblings, I think, so I will have to do it.

4. I have lost seven pounds. (!) I feel like I'm doing pretty well with staying motivated. I even find myself enjoying exercising. I tend to fall off a bit on the eating on the weekends, but I think it's working for me to be good during the week, then indulge a bit on the weekends. As long as I keep losing about two pounds a week, I'm happy. I've found a lot of helpful resources on sparkpeople.com, if anyone is interested. It's free.

5. I'm reading Fury by Salman Rushdie right now. Since I am hosting book club this month, I just chose this book since I was already reading it. Quite a departure from The Secret Life of Bees, but people said they would read it, so we'll see. It was a little slow starting, but now I'm really enjoying it.

6. I survived Super Bowl Sunday with little trauma, even though we went to a small Super Bowl party. And I didn't even drink.