Friday, December 31, 2010

Manifest it, "The Secret"-like

I figure since we're just minutes into a new year, (and decade, for that matter), I should exploit the opportunity to gloss over my lack of blogging in recent months. But mainly I wanted to list a few things here. We don't have to call them resolutions; they're just some things I'd like to happen, and only I can make them happen, so maybe listing them publicly will shame me into working on that. (This is often a good tactic for me.) So, when this time rolls around again at the end of 2011, I would like to be able to say that I

*became physically stronger, healthier, and okay, thinner
*spent some time doing outdoorsy things I enjoy, like camping and canoeing (at least once)
*wrote a lot more
*left the country for the first but not the last time, and possibly more or less permanently
*found a job that doesn't make a stay in the mental ward sound like a tempting vacation
*put my last child in free (sing it with a little trill) public school and washed my hands of daycare forevah
*ended 13 years of non-stop-baby-and-toddlerhood with grace rather than a well-deserved nervous breakdown
*can look at pictures of myself without crying or wanting to stab someone (see also, entering Victoria's Secret)
*devoted some energy to rejuvenating a lot of my relationships with people I love and therefore take totally for granted
*was fearlessly honest even though that was a lot harder than you might now think it should be

Stay tuned.