Thursday, November 20, 2008


Recently SAM accused me of having a "secret food blog." I laughed and replied that it wasn't secret, I just didn't think she'd be interested in it because she doesn't cook. It's not even my blog--Rita created it and invited me to contribute. Lately I think my fellow contributors have gotten busy and I must be bored or cooking a lot or just thinking about food too much, because I seem to have become the main recipe poster of the moment.

It's not a fancy food blog, just basic stuff you can easily whip up with minimal cooking skills. But lest I be accused of hoarding food knowledge and building a secret food blog underground, I thought I'd share. Bon apetit!

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Rita said...

I haven't been posting on it, because I ran out of recipes to add. I have only a few more that I make and I just haven't been motivated to add to them.

I also haven't been motivated to try anything new. It just seems too hard to do anything new whaaa. But, I should at least put a link to the cooking blog on my bookworm blog, huh, have just a little ownership of it. I do like it, and will access it, just not at the moment.