Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Post-Beach reality

As I was saying, we're back from the beach. I wanted to tell you I was going, or send you a little post card from Dauphin Island, but BD thought that was a bad idea. I suppose it would be a bit dangerous for me to say, for example, "We're leaving for a week and I'm taking all our photo albums and anything of sentimental value with us so that on the off chance the house should burn down while no one is here who could possibly get hurt, it wouldn't be such a terrible thing." wink wink

The house did not burn down. The dishwasher had the decency to break the night before we left, and the new one I purchased upon our return arrived today. It was supposed to be installed, but for some unfathomable reason, they only carry one standard sized hose kit on the truck. It was too short, even though our dishwasher is only one cabinet away from the sink. After I told the installers that was unacceptable and then bitched out a customer service rep at Home Depot, I still ended up with the old broken dishwasher still in place and the new one in a box in the middle of the floor. At least they're refunding the install fee and the cost of the too-short kit, which is about $80. Stupid Home Depot.

As for the trip itself, it was wonderful. Genevieve was not quite the beach lover she was last year, but she did ok as long as she stayed supplied with snacks she could cover with sand before shoving into her mouth. And I found that I wasn't as sad to leave this year as I was last time. As I pondered the absence of parting tears, I realized that we brought a little bit of the beach alive in our daily life after last year's trip. Our weekly cocktail hours and occasional monkeyless nights out have made it a little easier to end a full week with our friends. Sure, it was still hard, but I'm pretty happy with the life I got to come home to.

Here are some of our pictures from the trip. And here and here are some more. These are the family portraits in the obligatory white shirts, in which the wind made my hair look like the stupidest hair ever.


Stacey Greenberg said...

now that you have all those pretty pictures of yourself, you need to update your profile picture!!

i was laughing at how much hairier we all were last year when i compared pics.

Rita said...

Ah, the pictures are great, and you're not alone in your wind-flattened do, so it totally looks like it's not your fault, but Mother Nature wreaking havoc instead.

I am jealous of the whole thing.