Thursday, July 10, 2008


Genevieve: "Me hunny mommy."
Me: "You're hungry? What would you like to eat?"
G: "Me want Talaloes" (Much mush-mouthed rolling of the L sounds)
Me: "Tangeloes?"
G: "No! Talaloes. TAL-al-loes!"
Calvin tries: "Marshmallows?"
G: "No! Talaloes. Talaloes. TALALoes!!
Somerset gives it a shot: "Pillows?"
Calvin: "She doesn't want to eat pillows, dummy."
G, clearly exasperated: "Like rolley-rolleys. Talaloes."
Me: "Oh, Spaghettios?"
G: "Yes! Talaloes!"

Me: "Genevieve, are you going to play in the baby pool while the boys have swimming lessons?" (All humans larger than she is are boys.)
G: "Yeah, me fwim my tummy, and me jump! And uh, what else..."

Me: "I love you Genevieve."
G: "Me wuv-ou, Mommy."
BD: "I love you, Genevieve."
G: "No, me wuving mommy!"
A few seconds later, with a big grin: "Me wuv OU Daddy!"

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Rita said...

Aww, I love that precocious toddler talk.