Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home Stretch

Remember the last time I wrote a real post, like a week ago? Well I'm still here. At work. With no students. As of today, no one at my school has any students anymore, though, since Friday was the last day of classes for all schools in the district. But while other teachers scurry to get grades done, I had to do all that a week and a half ago. All I have to do now is go through the checkout process. This is somewhat like a scavenger hunt, only less fun and instead of collecting stuff, you get rid of stuff and collect signatures. You give your receipt book and summer address to the financial secretary and she signs your blue form on her special line, you give your AV inventory to the librarian and she signs, and so forth. I can't find anyone to take my offspring and sign off on them, though. There's no line for that.

Yes, it's that time of year when my own children come to work with me since they have nowhere else to go. At least I only have to work today and then until lunch tomorrow. And actually, the kids do great while they're here. Mostly. First they play games on the computer. This involves me a lot of me having to come over and try to figure out why the desired game will not work right. Then they draw on the whiteboards. This is the phase we are currently in. Calvin is drawing a variety of dinosaurs, both winged and non, and Somerset is drawing food and trees. Joshua is still on the computer. Somerset has also had a brief interlude with markers and construction paper that resulted in a lovely card for me, delivered to my desk organizer for work-to-be-graded, which is otherwise blissfully empty. Later the PTSA is feeding us lunch, which means I'll try to find something among the meat trays and pasta salad and crackers that my kids will eat and it will all end in Joshua having a chocolate chip cookie the size of his head for lunch.


Rita said...

Man, that is crazy! Two weeks of just sitting around there? That has to be really frustrating.

It's good the kids get to be with you these couple of days though. I remember being a kid and having to go to work with my mom sometimes in the summer (she was a school librarian), and I felt like I was some secret spy or something. I knew all the ins and outs of how the library worked, saw all the behind the scenes stuff about getting and processing books, and hung out in the teachers' lounge and it was really, really cool.

The fact that they're visiting you at THE HIGHSCHOOL and not their little school probably makes you seem like God to them or something, you know?

Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

Yeah, I think they like the forbidden feeling aspect of being in an "empty" school. Calvin also made sure to wear his heelies so he could skate in the halls.

Stephanie said...

Last Friday I ate lunch with Connor at his school. His whole meal consisted of a dinner roll with butter. He even rejected the dessert because it was white cake with white icing. I would have killed for a meal as substantial as a chocolate chip cookie!