Thursday, May 15, 2008

In Which I Sit Here Wanting A Fountain Coke

We've reached the portion of the year when I no longer have any students. Since I teach all seniors, and said seniors have taken their exams and will be graduated this Saturday at an hour of indecent earliness so that several other high schools may cycle through the too-small venue on the same day, I'm done. But not done. I still have to come to work every day until May 23, and then come back for the two administrative days after Memorial Day even though I had to bust ass to get all my grades and debt slips and what have you turned in yesterday.

I enjoy the quiet time, but it's also somewhat frustrating in a "hurry up and wait" kind of way. It's almost as if there's a moratorium on getting anything useful done during this time. For example, I have to stay after school today to hand out caps and gowns to my homeroom, because we do not want Them back in the building during school hours, roaming the halls out of uniform and mouthing "suck it" to their underclassmen friends through the little steel-mesh-sandwiched windows of their classroom doors.

I also can't go home and clean my sty of a house or go get my oil changed and find out why the little engine-shaped light in the van’s dash is coming on suddenly. I could, however, go down the street to Exxon right quick and get a big Coke and a bag of Doritos. I'm starving! And sitting here all by my lonesome knowing I could go get naughty snacks is not helping me any. When my students were here, I didn't really think about how hungry I was, because the time seemed to fly by until lunch at 11:50 (twenty seven minutes of frozen, low-cal meal. Mmm-Mm!), and it's not as if I found Chip-Juice at all tempting. (For the record, Class Day was replete with Chip-Juice references that ranged from revealing shout-outs to premature nostalgia to an edgy spoken-word piece in which the two performers at one point shouted alternately at each other "Chip!" "Juice!" I am not making that up.)

So what will I do all day, you ask? I do have some things I want to do, like organizing books and cleaning out my junky desk and what have you. Sometimes I'll be called to cover classes for absent teachers, since most of the subs with any sense have gotten the hell out of Dodge by now. Mainly I'll read and play on the interwebs and try to stay under the radar. And try not to succumb to the siren song of sneaking off campus for empty calories.


Chip said...

You used "what have you" twice in that post. What are you, 50?

Sassy Molassy said...

Chee-up, I'm gon' come at you like a spider monkey.

Stacey Greenberg said...

that light sometimes just comes on at certain mileage points.

Anonymous said...

...just ignore the light--it will eventually burn out.

Sassy Molassy said...

Yeah, it came on at exactly 45,000 miles and it's back off now, so I think it was totally that and not the fact that it's been over a year since my last oil change.