Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Stuff I did over spring break

I'm too lazy to size a bunch of pictures, so just click on them to make them look better.

Watched and participated minimally in the building of a tree platform for zip line access.

Start seeds in the new window shelf BD built just for that purpose. He painted it a pretty blue, but this picture is too dark to tell.

Start work on a garden that the kids thought was some sort of mud foot bath.

Put my kids to work. (No way could they lift that dirt.)

Fill up all three of these beds, plus another big round one we made. Pictures soon to come. I dug two more beds after work today because we need more planting space! There are no more pine logs that will work for borders though. We drug (dragged?) these from the wooded area behind the house. We also hauled bags upon bags and buckets upon buckets of decomposing leaves to mulch all those beds.

I also decided that I'm ready to get healthy again. I'll write another post about that soon. Like, soon soon, not Sassy soon. I swear!

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Anonymous said...

That drug (dragged??) part of this makes me happier even than seeing you and your family are living a wonderful life! I feel so much better about my hesitancy once in a while with who/whom or hung/hanged. When the Queen has question marks, I feel so much better! The difference is you actually know the answer. xoxoxo Amy