Friday, September 05, 2008

I am all over this

Among the daily Facebook notifications, MoveOn updates, and MOMS board minutiae, I find each day in my inbox a daily sale email from Newport News. I'm not sure how they have a sale every single day, but trust me, they do.

If you're not familiar with Newport News, you should check them out. I would describe what they sell as trampy secretary clothes, or five-years-out-of-fashionista, or stylish-for-New Mexico. I receive these emails because I have bought bathing suits there. They sell the cheapest bathing suits anywhere, and they have a huge selection. Occasionally I'll see a dress or sweater that I like, but I don't think I've ever ordered any of those things. Based on my bathing suit experience with them, objects around cleavage may be farther than they appear. I'm not exactly built like their models, you know?

So today, I noticed a little box at the bottom of the email about the Secret Daily Deal, and out of curiosity I clicked. Bust out your credit card, because you are definitely going to want in on this.

Who doesn't need a metallic silver one-pece high-cut bathing suit with a long wrap-around belt?


Stephanie said...

And it's only $15! Yeah, I got the email. And I clicked on the little box. I can't resist a secret sale!

Memphisotan said...

Proving that secrets are best when kept.

Stacey Greenberg said...

alert the Z-Girls!

JodieMo said...

I want two!!!