Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break Days Two and Three

I know, I know, I'm behind. We'll say it's because I've been too busy frolicking with the kids to post, and not because of the annoying fact that Blogger logs me out of gmail each time I log in here, and I usually forget to log in here first.

Sooo, what have we been doing? Tuesday promised rain, which prompted reminders from the kids that I had promised a rainy day movie. I checked the listings for the $2.50 Malco in Bartlett and we decided on "Enchanted." Our last attempt at seeing a movie in this theater ended with me driving in circles cussing and wishng aloud that all of Bartlett would be wiped from the face of the earth, so I made sure to get directions off the interweb and write them down. (I'm pretty sure I turned right on Sycamore View last time, when I should have turned left--a fact which was not obvious to me because one end of Bartlett looks identical to the other.) We made it there uneventfully and in good time ('s a straight shot! There's something wrong with me, clearly), got our snacks and drinks, and settled in. I thought the movie was surprisingly good. I'm not one for musicals at all, but there was enough irony to satisfy my inner cynic, while the kids just liked the catchy tunes. The acting was mostly good and the story engaging. There were a few cringe-worthy moments, like Patrick Dempsey singing along with that sappy ballad, (am I the only one who remembers those raunchy pictures of him in some magazine, what, ten years ago?), but I liked the way the ending made it ok for the princess to stop being one, but also ok for the street-smart city career woman to become one if she so chose. G slept in my lap, which was great until I had most of a big Cherry Coke in my bladder. Hoping against hope, I laid her in Calvin's arms, and she stayed asleep.

Wednesday the kids seemed content to hang at home, since we'd had plenty of activity the previous two days. We pretty much stayed in our jammies all day, only venturing out for a quick run through the Taco Bell drive-thru. Thursday we met SAM and her parents and offspring at the park for a quick picnic lunch and a little playground time, then headed for haircuts. More on Thursday later...

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Mrs. Katherine said...

Is Spring Break 2008 over??