Friday, February 29, 2008

For all the haters

Here is a list of things I ate at the International Students Club luncheon yesterday:

1. Two small veggie eggrolls and one with meat. They even had the spicey sauce that I won't eat at Stacey's because it looks sweet (it has the viscosity of sugar syrup, but with crushed red pepper in it) drizzled over them.

2. Lamb with Greek rice.

3. Something that reminded me of a small, triangular empenada, filled with ground meat and a tasty green herb I couldn't identify. The triangular shape and phyllo wrapper make me think this was also Greek.

4. Penne pasta with chicken and carrots in a cream-based sauce that was slightly pink, possibly from small bits of sun-dried tomato.

5. A small chicken enchilada with green tomatillo sauce.

6. Some other kind of rice.

Only thing I didn't eat: a bowl of Asian soup that looked like egg drop but had some various seafood in it. I tasted it and it would have been good if it hadn't been lukewarm. Seafood+tepid+last lunch of four=bad idea, right? So that wasn't a pickiness issue. And I noticed that some people had some Indian food, like green rice with peas and a vegetable samosa (pakora? I get them confused. Not the fritter one but the wrapped and fried one) that I wanted and didn't get!

Let the record show that the Spanish teacher on my hall refused to go, saying "I don't eat horse meat," and a teacher sitting next to me left 3/4 of the food on her plate untouched. Last year, we went through a buffet-style line, with each student serving the food he or she had brought and telling us what it was. This year they had us come in and sit down, and they brought us a plate. This was nice and much faster (we only get 27 minutes for lunch), but I'm going to suggest they print a little menu next year so we'll know more about what we're eating. It was all really good, though!


Shannon said...

that is simply lovely!

and, yes, after my poisoned seafood i would have skipped the luke warm also.

Anonymous said...

So how was the horse

Sassy Molassy said...

Tastes like chicken.

The Saucier said...

27 minutes for lunch is redonkulous.

dandelionink said...

I think the luncheo sounds like heaven. I like nothing better than trying new ethnic food (no horse meat or raw meat however). I would have loved it! Oh, and thanks for your responses to my blog. I have had it for a while but very few people IRL know about it. It is a little scary for everyone to see it (don't know why really, I guess I'm still a little insecure about everything) Anyway, I'm glad you're now a reader!

L said...

Ooops. that last comment was supposed to be from THIS blog!

Stacey Greenberg said...

i attended that luncheon a few years ago (ok 8!) when i worked with the refugees. the triangle things you mention are called...i can't remember, maybe sambusa? (like a samosa but different) the somalis make them and they are soooooooo yummy. i have the recipe in the refugee women cookbook i put together at catholic charities. the day i went to learn how to make them i almost cried because you simply would not believe the amount of butter and oil that goes into them. like 4000 fat grams worth.

Anonymous said...

But it must be the good fat,...can't say I've ever met a fat Somali.