Thursday, January 24, 2008

A List of Movies

I have to confess: while I enjoy movies, I don't think about them that much. Big Daddy is the true film aficionado in our family; I'm mainly just there for the popcorn and Cherry Coke at the theater or the snuggle under the covers when we rent. Not that I don't cry on cue when George Bailey realizes he really did have a wonderful life after all or dissolve into giggles every time I see Debra Winger with that pigeon glued to the side of her head. But when people start talking about directors and even some new actors by name, you'll usually hear me say "Who's that?" This is partly because I'm terrible with names, but also because I just don't see the point in remembering anything about these people. That said, there are a few movies that stand out in my mind for various reasons.

My Favorite Movies of All Time

1. It's a Wonderful Life*
2. The Philadelphia Story (1940 version with Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart)

* I used to think this was just my favorite Christmas movie, but no. It is in fact the best movie ever made.

Movie That May Also be an All-Time Favorite, but Seems Too Unlike the First Two to Go in the Same List

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Movies I Can't Not Watch Given the Chance

1. Peggy Sue Got Married (Love that dreamy Yeats-quoting beatnik!)
2. Steel Magnolias (Love a good cry!)
3. Forget Paris
4. Sixteen Candles
5. The Big Lebowski

Movie That made Me Cry for More Than an Hour Straight

1. Life is Beautiful

Movies That Were So Bad BD and I Left the Theater

1. Scenes From a Mall
2. I Love You to Death

Movies Every Other Person My Age Has Seen but I Have Not

1. Every Monty Python movie ever made*
2. Reality Bites
3. Mallrats
4. Any classic horror movie you can think of, probably

*I've seen bits and snatches of Monty Python movies, of course, but not one have I seen all the way through. All my M.P. quotes are second-hand, including the song from "Life of Brian."


Memphisotan said...

Well, at least you got one movie in there that was made after you started having kids.

Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

"No more jello for me, Mom!"

Unknown said...

My, your list is yar.

Stacey Greenberg said...

i've never seen most of these movies and i consider myself a movie person.

Brent Diggs said...

No life is complete without Monty.