Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy You Near

Clearly I did not find time during the holidays to post much. We had a beautiful break from school and work, spent lots of time with family and friends, and generally made what I consider to be good use of the holiday season.

We also celibrated Calvin's 9th birthday on January 5. It's hard to believe the crying, uneasy little bundle who made me into a mother is now this smart, funny kid with some of his permanent teeth already. Nine is half way to eighteen...think about that!

Genevieve seemed to grow up so much over the break. I loved every minute of being able to just hang out with her and watch her doing all this new stuff. She is about to crawl any minute now, and she loves to laugh at any little thing. Watching me take a drink of water from a cup is like the circus as far as she's concerned. It strikes me at those moments how easy it is to make her completely happy, and how short the time is when I have the power to do that for her so absolutely.

Now that the new year is here and we're diving back into the normal routine, I'm trying to get a grip on some things that have gone too long without being dealt with. I know that weight and finances are not new or interesting issues for me to be grappling with at this time, so I'll spare you, but it all really comes down to my astonishing ability to avoid thinking about almost anything that I don't want to deal with, and how I have to stop that, so that's my goal (ok resolution, whatever) for now.

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Stephanie said...

Spending a lot of time with the baby was definitely a highlight of the holidays, but it made getting back into the normal routine that much harder!

Good luck with your resolutions. If you need any support from someone who has tackled at least one of those issues lately, you know where to find me.