Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You Are Here

A quick rundown of things that have been going on with me:
(Blogging will be conspicuously absent.)

1. I have lost seven pounds and five inches off my waist since Easter. Makes me wonder what I could do if I worked a little harder. Clearly all the sugar I gave up was going straight to my gut, because everything else looks the same.

2. I have my second stress fracture in three months in my stupid left foot. Makes it hard for me to work harder at losing the aforementioned weight. I am going to have to spend money on good shoes. Anathema!

3. My seniors finish their last exams today and graduate Saturday. Work has been busy and I have to have all of their grades done and a failure list turned in by tomorrow. Right now all of my juniors are taking end of course tests somewhere else and I am waiting for the infernally slow online gradebook to come up, hence this little interlude.

4. I met Lee Smith, author of my number one all-time favorite book, and she thanked me profusely for making a Facebook fan page for her, and asked me for my address and sent me a very nice email afterward! It was very exciting.

5. I read my first Neil Gaiman book finally. I liked it a lot. Any suggestions for which of his adult books to read? (I'm not really into graphic novels.)

6. Our early, warm spring has turned somewhat cool and rainy, which has put my vegetable garden in sort of a holding pattern. I'm trying to foucs on being glad we didn't get completely submerged by floodwaters like Nashville or Millington, just up the road from us.

Nothing much, in other words. And now the gradebook has finally popped up, so it's nose to the grindstone for me.


Rita.the.bookworm said...

The weight loss is amazing! I am so inspired by you guys to do The Shred regularly for a month before my beach trip!

I really enjoyed American Gods by Gaiman. That was the first of his that I tried after seeing the movie Stardust. I wish I had read that book before seeing the movie.

He was at a library here a couple of weeks ago and I meant to go see him. He lives here, you know. In the general area somewhere, just like Prince, lol. I feel obligated to listen to Prince when he's on the radio because of that, and a little more obligated to read more Gaiman, too.

Jason said...

Good Omens by Gaiman and Terry Pratchet is absolutely hilarious, Armaggedon has never been more funny. Stardust is a great fantasy romance story.

Anonymous said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot

Anonymous said...

I'll bring Good Omens for you if you'd like. American Gods is my favorite, though. He really is awesome. As is Terry Pratchett. Most of hte Pratchett books are in our library now.

Sassy Molassy said...

Who said that? Debbie? I'd love to borrow Good Omens. I noticed all those Pratchett books the other day. I should check him out, too. Can't figure out how I've missed him this far.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. The anonymous came from me, your local mythology teacher. I have Good Omens in my bag for you.