Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bag Duty Addendum

Best thing seen today and, really, any day: an elasticized headband made of braided artificial hair.

Best failed attempt at hiding a cell phone: outer pocket of fitted, matching pink calculator pouch, under a maxi pad.

Worst excuse for not being able to walk through the metal detector: "I'm pregnant"


Rita.the.bookworm said...

Those are hilarious. Man, if those kids put their creativity to good use, they could rule this world.

You really had to work hard to find that phone though! Chip juice, bah, don't bother you about it, but you'll find a cell phone, dammit!

Sassy Molassy said...

I really didn't, though! You just go into unzipping, unsnapping mode. The calculator and its matching pouch were pink, too, so I wasn't sure what it was.

JodieMo said...

She hedged her bets by assuming a MALE teacher would go looking through the pouch and would stop cold at the maxi pad. Silly girls. She should stick a condom in there next time. :)