Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The New Math

Days since last nursing: 10
Weeks this fell before projected goal: 3
Months spent nursing Genevieve: 35
Months spent nursing Somerset: 36
Months spent nursing Joshua: 14 (he got the shaft because S was born when he was 14 months old and I'm not woman enough to tandem)
Months spent nursing Calvin: 27

Grand total of months spent nursing (drumroll please....): 112

That's 9.333 in human years.

Weeks before I got pregnant again the last time I had a weaned, diaper-free three year old: two
How sure I am that this will not happen again: 100%

Months not spent pregnant or nursing since 1997: 4.5

That's right. Four. And a half.

I just figured that out. No wonder I've been cranky!


Secret Agent Mom said...

[standing ovation]

JodieMo said...

Your boobs thank you... and your hubby probably does too. :) Congrats Super mom!

RJA said...

That makes my boobs hurt.

Anonymous said...


- jess

warren said...

How many gallons does that total?

Annie said...

Your boobs deserve a trophy! Or at least a really nice bra.

Melissa said...

Yeah, they deserve a new bra. A bronze one, sorta like my mom bronzed my baby shoes. You go!