Friday, May 08, 2009

Analyze This

Suddenly this past week, I've been having very strange and vivid dreams. One was very tactile and color specific, involving a lot of grit and the vomiting of orange feathers. One involved a group of roving attackers breaking into my house and keeping me hostage. We'd heard they were on the loose, so we were going around locking the windows, and then they walked right through the front door. That's probably significant.

Last night I dreamed that a group of domestic terrorists (label applied post-dream) killed everyone in the world who wasn't with them with poisonous gas, but I was part of a secret resistance that survived by somehow not breathing the gas while pretending to be dead. Once they moved on from where I was, I quickly packed one bag for myself and my kids. It was a white nylon drawstring backpack of the cheap fundraiser variety, if you want to know. I chose very carefully the clothes that would get us through life on the run. They turned out to be tshirts mainly. I asked myself if I needed to be stealthy, but since the terrorists assumed that everyone who wasn't one of them was dead, I didn't need to. But as I encountered people I had known before the attack and they acted normal toward me, I started to wonder if these were really the same people, or if their bodies had been somehow taken over. If that were the case, did they have some way of recognizing a body that hadn't been snatched?

What does it all mean??


Secret Agent Mom said...

(going home to check that the door's locked ...)

Rita.the.bookworm said...

Oh man, I have dreams like that whenever I'm expecting family to come visit, lol. Are you anticipating any unfun or wrought with anxiety company in the next couple weeks? The vomiting of feathers could mean that you feel your words are unheard and meaningless. The invaders coming through your front door even though you've locked everything up is significant (and for me would suggest family or at least that this is something you've agreed to), and the suspicion that people have had their bodies taken over is again significant ("who the hellare these people???").

Anything ring a bell? Family reunion or reunion with old friends coming up that's got you in a bit of a tizzy?

Stacey Greenberg said...

i'd be googling that stuff! last night i dreamed an older couple fell asleep while driving on sam cooper and ended up crashing into my dining room.

RJA said...

"One involved a group of roving attackers breaking into my house and keeping me hostage."

That was my exact dream last night.