Sunday, January 04, 2009

Why I Love Being Southern

Or, things I chatted about with the woman in line behind me while waiting to check out at Kroger this afternoon:

-Why it was so busy and why she didn't expect it to be
-The astonishing amount of food piled in my basket and why I needed to buy three loaves of bread at a time
-How long that giant pile of food would last us (about two weeks)
-How it's easier when kids get older, but then also not
-How hormonal her 12-year-old daughter is and how I dread my kids hitting puberty
-Divorce and how there is life after it
-How high her utility bill was and how my friend Stacey's high utility bill made hers look tiny
-How much we both hate the midtown Schnuck's and just cannot go there
-How you can't go in Kroghetto at night but how it's nice and uncrowded during the day
-How she was so hungry she was about to gnaw off her own arm
-How she should snag one of the warm rotisserie chickens right next to us and run off to hide and eat it, and how once when I was pregnant I wanted to hide in a closet with a whole chicken I'd just roasted so I could devour it all myself

Then as soon as it was my turn at the checkout, she and the woman behind her realized they had a mutual friend. Like you do in Memphis.

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Rita.the.bookworm said...

OK, it can be like that in Minnesota, too. That's one of the things I do like about here, like in Austin--striking up conversations with strangers behind you. That NEVER happened in Massachusetts. It did happen in Chicago. Less often (surprisingly) in Cleveland. Maybe because it's an east-coast wannabe? But, it does happen here and it takes a little edge off the cold. It really does.