Wednesday, January 07, 2009

January Pondering

Normally, the first of the year is a very motivating time for me. I don't make a list of specific resolutions, but I do feel a sense of renewal and opportunity. I love cycles and change, so it seems very natural to me that the start of a new year should be a fresh start toward personal goals and growth.

This year, I still have that general feeling, but I'm not as motivated and energized as I usually am in January. That could have something to do with the solid week of rain, or the recurring lack of sleep I've experienced so far in '09, I guess. We had a very restful, relaxing Christmas break, though, so I should have enough in the reserves.

On one hand, I know that this year will hold some exciting changes for my family. We'll be trying to move houses (not cities yet), hopefully very soon. Genevieve will finally be weaned, bringing my nine (combined) years of nursing to a final and permanent close. She will also finish potty training, ending my relationship with diapers (not nearly as bitter-sweet an ending) until grandchildren come along.

On the other hand, I have some personal things that I know I need to work on that I am just not feeling. I have kept off twenty pounds for about a year and a half, but need to lose another 20, and yet I'm not doing anything. It's time to get back in the gym, but somehow I just haven't made it there yet. There are other, less tangible things that I know I need to work on, too, but somehow I'm just...not.


Blaine Morgan said...

Don't worry. I still haven't lost all of my "baby weight" either.

Secret Agent Mom said...

I don't see how anyone can feel motivated or energized until the sun appears. Like maybe April.