Friday, March 07, 2008


1. When BD saw Calvin yesterday afternoon after school, he asked him what had happened with his homework. He said he'd done it all first thing that morning, before class started. When his Dad said something to the effect of "See, you got it done. It all worked out," Calvin replied "Yeah, by cheating." When BD asked if he had copied someone else's work and was assured by a mortified Calvin that of course he had not, he asked why it was cheating then. Apparently, C is under the impression that doing homework in the morning rather than at home, at night, as the term homework implies, is cheating. His father attempted to convince him that it isn't, but I'm not sure he bought it.

2. I think this is my new favorite blog. Out of blogs not written by people I know, of course.

3. It's choice transfer time in Memphis City Schools. Since most optional programs begin in first grade, most of you will need a choice transfer for your child to go to kindergarten at a school outside your zoning area. Some of the zoning boundaries have changed. Look here to see if yours has. Look here to see if your assigned school is on the naughty list. If you don't even know what your assigned school is, look here. If your school is a "High Priority School" under NCLB guidelines, the district must approve a transfer to a school in good standing. All the other information you might need about open enrollment can be found here. Good luck!

4. Uncle Toby may have temporarily derailed the train to Beach Body '08 last night by baking and bringing the best homemade pound cake ever to Thursday Night Dinner.

5. Calvin's play was yesterday. I now believe he should wear an exaggeratedly-floppy newsboy hat every single day. He was too adorable. Aunt Elizabeth got some pictures (see TND link above) but it's kind of hard to see the costume. (It's kind of easy to see how very pointy my nose is, though!)


Stephanie said...

2. It's true! We're so lame!

3. I will be at the Board by 6:00 am on Tuesday. I'll be over for breakfast around 6:30.

5. I'm glad it went well! Sorry I didn't get to see it.

Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

3. You are welcome to come over and cook breakfast Tuesday at 6:30.

Stephanie said...

I just want JP to save me a PopTart! I don't ask for much.

RJA said...

Everybody gets linked to here but me. Nothing at all yar about that.

Rita.the.bookworm said...

It's not cheating, it's being time efficient! That child needs to get a call from my kids, lol.

katherine said...

1. I can really identify with Calvin on this one. It's hard to be so smart and responsible. And cute (#5).

Stacey Greenberg said...

i am oh so white.

elizabeth and i are clearly vying for the "who can have the most blogs ever" title.